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  • A centre for sport excellence

    Opened in November 2014, the Markham Pan Am Centre is a multi-purpose sport facility for training, competition, and sport event hosting. Constructed for the?2015 Pan American and ParaPan American Games, the facility has been built to world-class standards and features:


    A 10 lane 50-metre swimming pool that meets FINA and Olympic competition standards


    A 36,000 sqft gymnasium with room for 15 badminton, 7 volleyball, and 3 basketball courts


    A multi-level fitness centre for cardio and strength training open to the general public


    Meeting rooms with modern audio/video equipment for training sessions and video analysis


    An experienced hosting staff capable of handling the logistics for International sporting events


    A central location in downtown Markham that is easily accessible by car, train, and bus

    About Markham Pan Am Centre

    The City of Markham commissioned this facility as a host venue for the 2015 Pan American and ParaPan American Games. Our world-class facility includes an Olympic sized swimming pool and multiple gymnasiums that are ideal for hosting International competitions in a number of sports.

    City of Markham

    Contact Us

    16 Main Street Unionville
    Markham, ON
    L3R 2E4

    (905) 475-4730